Create beautiful ai art

Mutate your NFTs with AI, and create your own Art.

Buy a Davinci Pass on OpenSea to create with Davinci


Davinci is an AI which will help you create beautiful and twisted art. Davinci can do two things:(1) Mutate your existing NFTs with Davinci.(2) Enter a phrase to create surreal AI-artIf you hold an Alien Genesys or a Davinci NFT, click here to become an AI Artist : can choose whatever NFT you want to modify and feed it to Davinci with your magic words.You will be part of a 100% Community Generated Collection. Every single work of art will be from our community.You don’t just mint your art, you create it.Read our whitepaper for a detailed usage guide.


For the first time ever in the NFT ecosystem, you can modify and mutate your PFP NFTs with AI and mint them as NFTs.✅ Choose an NFT you own to modify and feed it to Davinci with your magic words.
✅Davinci will then mutate your NFT.
✅ Your mutation will be a separate NFT🔥
Create your own Mutant Lions, Mutant Mekas, Mutant Punks and so much more. Why should MAYC and BAYC have all the fun? 😉NOTE : You can only mutate the pfps you own.


Mint a Davinci Pass

Buy a Davinci Pass to get access to Davinci

Use Davinci to create your AI NFT

Mutate your NFTs and create surreal AI art by collaborating with Davinci AI. Have fun and create masterpieces! 🔥


Finalize the NFT you want, and set it.
Your Davinci pass will then transform into your created masterpiece.


There are 39 Super Rare Golden Passes and account for 3% of the total 🥇Apart from being Super Rare, Golden pass holders can access the most advanced version of Davinci unreleased to the public, and will work directly with the founder to create their best quality AI art.


1️⃣ Connect your MetaMask wallet during the launch date.
2️⃣ Choose an NFT you own - It can by any image NFT (need not be a pfp). Enter a few words you want to mutate it as.
3️⃣ Generate and mint your personalized artwork!

what if i don't have an nft?

Just enter words and generate surreal AI-art then!

roadmap and utility

Become an AI Artist

UPDATE : We've launched this feature
Click here to create and become an AI Artist :
The biggest benefit of holding a creation from Davinci is that you get to use Davinci in the future.Holders will continue to get access to Davinci to practice and become better artists. Davinci is only an AI, you’ll need to engineer the best prompts to generate the best possible art. Just as photography as an art has evolved, we want AI Maker Labs to be the place where the best AI Artists are born.

Full commercial rights and get a high-res image

You will have exclusive commercial rights to the art you own.You will also get a high-res image that you can print, frame and use anywhere - Deals with Printful/Gelato/Prodigi will be made.

Earn 100% royalties

Earn 100% royalties on any secondary sales on your art!
We take 0%. This is your art, so why not? 😉



Project Lead. ML Engineer and Entrepreneur. Spends too much time with Cats.


Experienced ML Engineer.
Loves AWS.


Solidity Dev. Creates smart contracts 24/7.


ML Researcher and PhD grad at University of Maryland.


Experienced Community and Growth Manager.


How many NFTs are available to mint?
There are 125 NFTs available, out of which 100 are available to mint. 25 are reserved for contests, giveaways and early adopters.
Who is behind the team?
Add this for assurance
How can I mint my Alien Genesys NFT?
You will need a personal Ethereum wallet and some ETH. Connect your account via Metamask or WalletConnect and pay for the mint fee and gas fee.
When is the sale?How much does 1 NFT cost?What is the max mint per transaction?


Who is behind the team?
We’re a bunch of passionate AI artists and Blockchain Devs interested in AI and Web3

Does the Davinci pass get burned?
No your davinci pass doesn't get burnt. Your pass transforms to your new NFT. We're doing to save on gas and avoid a double mint.

Which NFT do I get?
We have Alien Genesys, Davinci Pass and Davinci Art.
All of them give you varying access to Davinci to create your own art. Refer our whitepaper for more detailsYou can see all our collections here

What are the timings of Davinci usage?
You can use Davinci 5 days/week from Wed to Mon if you hold one of our NFTs.
Link :

How many NFTs are available to mint?

How can I create my NFT?
Refer to this Davinci 101 for a detailed guide.
You will need a personal Ethereum wallet and some ETH. Connect your account via Metamask and pay for the mint and gas fee.

What is AI Maker Labs?
AI Maker Labs is our parent project. We release 1 AI art collection each month. Read more -

How can we contact you?
Join our Discord or DM us on twitter

How do I mutate my nft?

- Mint a Davinci Pass first. This will act as your access token to Davinci.
- Once that's done, head over to the creation site where you can create with Davinci and connect your wallet.

In the creation site follow these steps to create your AI Art- Choose an NFT you own - It can by any image-based NFT (need not be a pfp)
- Describe how you want to mutate your NFT - If you own an Ape here are some suggestions - Cyberpunk Ape, Surreal Ape, Ninja alien Ape
Pro tip : Make sure you enter the name of the character/animal your NFT represents for the best results. Entering text will make your mutations better and more defined.- Generate your mutation - Please be patient, this can take several minutes!
- Set your personalized mutation as an NFT! 🔥 (This will transform your Davinci Pass to your new NFT)

What if I don’t own an NFT?You can simply enter some artistic words to Davinci and create your AI NFT!


- Davinci Pass sessions
- Become an AI Artist with Davinci Off-chain Sessions
- Listing and unlisting rules
- Davinci Staking and $AML tokens (future)

1. DAVINCI PASS SESSIONSThese are sessions where you can access Davinci and convert your Davinci Pass into AI Art i.e set your pass.Only pass holders can access these sessions to set your pass. This applies to any type of pass (normal or golden).This will happen around the same the same time as Davinci off-chain Sessions, Wed to Monday each week.Here's the link to set your pass : a pass on OpenSea if you don't have one yet here!


This is by far the biggest utility that holding a Davinci or an Alien Genesys will give you!
Our mission of AI Maker Labs is to enable everyone to become an AI Artist and anyone holding an NFT from the lab will get access to our AIs to create surreal AI-art. You can use this art for any purpose without any restrictions. You can download in normal res and also in 4K!With Davinci sessions you access Davinci and create AI Art off-chain for free, as long as you’re a holder of Davinci or Alien Genesys NFTs.Holders can access off-chain here : tries don’t carry over to the next Davinci Session.

USAGE RULESDepending on the type of NFT you hold, you get a certain number of tries every day. These numbers are subject to change, but the ratios will remain the same.The more NFTs you hold, the more tries you get!

NFT typeTries/day4K downloads/day
1 x Alien Genesys1510
1 x Davinci Art128
1 x Davinci Pass106
1 x Davinci Golden Pass128

Alien Genesys is our genesis collection and has the most advantages.Davinci Art shows that you've become an artist and you get access to more tries.Davinci Passes give you intermediate access. That being said they're still extremely valuable, given their deflationary nature and access to future royalties on art you set. (The same applies to golden passes)

The Machines will be open for 5 days every week from Wed to Mon (Starts at 6:00 am UTC on Wed and ends at the same time on Monday)
We spend the remaining 2 days on maintenance and upgrades to Davinci. GENERATION TIME
It will take around 2-5 minutes for generation
The reason it takes this much time is because these are ML models and they run on powerful expensive GPUs
We will be continuously upgrading Davinci over the next few months.

3. LISTING AND UNLISTING RULESTo access Davinci, you need to Be unlisted, or listed your NFT above 0.07 ETH.

4. DAVINCI GOLDEN PASS SESSIONSThere are 39 Golden Passes - These Golden passes are Super Rare and account for 3% of the total.As a Golden Pass holder, the founder of the project will personally create the art for you using the most advanced model of Davinci unreleased to the public.
After you confirm the art you like, your golden pass will be set to the new art.
This is an example of the upgraded art you will get! 🔥You can see find more info the in our discord!

4. STAKING and $AML TOKENAlthough our main goal is to create awesome AI tools to create NFTs, we also want to create a metaverse as our long term goal.We are considering creating an AML token in the future ~Q1 2022 approx. We're super excited about this and this will be the start of the AI Maker Labs Metaverse. 🔥- Stake your Alien Genesys and Davinci NFTs to earn $AML tokens daily.
- Use $AML instead of ETH for getting increased Davinci access
- Use $AML to get access to our future tools - Pixel Picasso, Reanimation etc.
- Use $AML to buy our upcoming drops
- Use $AML to buy our AI Generated Merch
The plan is to launch the token in Q1 2022. We want to make sure the tokenomics is good and don’t want to rush this launch. We plan on having utility for davinci outside AML NFT holders, where users can buy $AML to use our AI Art tools. A problem we see with most collections is that the tokens have limited utility and dumps. Projects that have done it well ($MAGIC , $BANANA from CyberKongz) have a lot of utility for the token.